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A Notice From The FDIC

The FDIC does not directly contact customers (especially related to ACH and Wire transactions, account suspension, or security alerts), nor does the FDIC request bank customers to install software upgrades. Such messages should be treated as fraudulent and the account holder should permanently delete them and not click on any links.

For example, E-mails fraudulently claiming to be from the FDIC are attempting to trick recipients into installing unknown software on personal computers.These e-mails falsely indicate that recipients should download and open a “personal FDIC insurance file” to check their deposit insurance coverage. The “insurance file” may actually be a form of spyware or malicious code and may collect personal or confidential information. Financial institutions and consumers should NOT access the fraudulent FDIC Web site or download the executable files provided on the site. 

Click here for more information on how to protect yourself from CYBERTHREATS.

Important Security Information:

Messages or inquiries from the Internal Revenue Services, Better Business Bureau, NACHA, and almost any other organization asking the customer to install software, provide account information or access credentials is probably fraudulent and should be verified before any files are opened, software is installed, or information is provided.

Phones calls and text messages requesting sensitive information are likely fraudulent. If in doubt, account holders should contact the organization at the phone number the customer obtained from a different source (such as the number they have on file, that is on their most recent statement, or that is from the organization’s website). Account holders should not call phone numbers (even with local prefixes) that are listed in the suspicious email or text message.

Privacy concerns and phishing scams involving identity theft have been on the rise recently. Please realize that First & Peoples Bank and Trust Company has always been concerned about the safety of your financial information. We will never call, e-mail, or text you asking for personal information. If you are contacted with a request for such information, do not comply with the request. Feel free to contact us anytime you have a concern about your personal privacy.

First & Peoples Bank and Trust Company and our parent company, First & Peoples Bancshares, Inc. can be found on Facebook only. The Bank has no presence on other social media platforms such as, but not limited to, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Please contact us immediately at (606)-836-0211 if you find such a site or feel your personal financial information has been compromised through such a site.